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Pheromone X: Human Pheromones and Sexual Attraction: Not

Pheromone X: Human Pheromones and Sexual Attraction: Not
by david79 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:38 pm

Pheromone X - Human Pheromones and Sexual Attraction: Not So Strange Bedfellows

Much of life is governed by what we cannot see. Viruses are microscopic, as are chemicals that can get rid of the virus. American intercontinental university has more to do with how we behave and feel than we would like to usually believe. We like to think that we are independent creatures with free will. :roll:

  • The truth is, we are often at the mercy of molecules that are millions of times smaller than ourselves.
  • Why do we choose the mates we do, for example?
  • It could be looks, it could be the phase of the moon, but big deciding factors are tiny scent cells called human pheromones.
  • And sexual attraction just got more out of control than you at first thought. :evil:

2006 study in Karolinska Institute in Sweden revealed that homosexuals respond differently than heterosexuals when exposed to the same human pheromones. Sexual attraction for lesbians for other women was aroused in their brain wave patterns and the same for gay men, who were attracted attract women with pheromones. This article will help you since it is a comprehensive study on Pheromones :evil:

Bald is Beautiful

Human pheromones and the law of human attraction explained big business. You can buy human pheromones to add to your favorite perfume or cologne in order to help encourage a prospective mate. It is also thought that bald men emit more human pheromones and sexual attraction than hair covered men. That is an urban myth and has not been scientifically proven. However, would you turn down a date with Sean Connery? I do not think so.

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Pheromones in Other Animals Were Discovered in the 1970S

Over the counter pheromones were used in insecticide traps to lure males of the species hoping for a good time to their deaths. It was not until 1986, in Philadelphia, that two scientists, Dr Winnifred Cutler and Dr. George Preti were able to discover human pheromones and sexual attraction in the opposite sex that they can trigger. All of us unconsciously put these pheromones in the air when we american academy of art the make. Human pheromones, and sexual attraction, lure mates together.